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RACHEL:dancers is a multi-medium, multi-modal, multi-sensory performance company making dance about the little things. RACHEL:dancers is committed to advancing a disability aesthetic in concert dance, and exploring ways to cultivate access for visually impaired audiences and artists through an access-based creative process.

A RACHEL:dancers work is a warm hug, a compliment from a stranger, a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning. The works are inspired by the things that make us human: intimacy and points-of-connection. Works are created through a collaborative process with a rotating group of multi-disciplinary artists. Some recurring collaborators include Enya-Kalia Jordan, Lindsey Garnhart, Mijkalena Smith, and Christian Bleach. Please, click on their individual names to learn more about them!

RACHEL:dancers in the press:

Announcing the Disability. Dance. Artistry. Dance and Social Justice Fellowship Grantees for Dance/NYC, January 2024. Click here to read.

Meet Rachel Repinz for Canvas Rebel, discussing my upcoming work for RACHEL:dancers, If I Could Just Reach Out and Touch It, November 2023. Click here to read.

A Satiated Hunger – Rachel DeForrest Repinz’s ALL YOU CAN EAT! by Isabella Mojares for the Philadelphia Dance Journal, February 2021. Click here to read.


Bashi Arts is a collaborative project, co-directed with Enya-Kalia Jordan, that centers three goals: providing a platform for emerging artists, creating pre-professional opportunities for NYC students, and serving as an incubator for experimental Contemporary movement artists. 

Bashi Arts is named after the late Nygiar Theodore Bashi Jordan, the "chief" of his Brooklyn tribe. The original forerunner, or "Bashi," was like many talented kids from Brooklyn who didn't have access to the resources to produce, curate, or present their work. However, he still found the tenacity to create and give back to his community. Thus, this project aims to showcase the work of powerful young voices in the field of dance. Bashi Arts has led several research projects centered on creating access for young artists. Co-directors, Rachel DeForrest Repinz + Enya-Kalia Jordan, along with strategist Airi Kholbach are working on a long-term goal to open a state-of-the-art professional dance center to serve South Brooklyn.

Recent Bashi Arts projects include:

MOOD. An Evening of Works in Process w/ Enya Kalia Creations, RACHEL:dancers, + BAX at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) on December 2nd, 2023.

Bashi Arts performed Mood. at the daCi 7th Annual National Gathering at Hope College in Holland, MI on July 28th, 2023.
MOOD: And Evening of Dance Presented by Bashi Arts. January 14th, 2023 at 7 PM at Dancewave in Brooklyn, NY. Including performances by Phoebe Ballard and Natalie Stehly, Dancewave Company I, Kristen Klein, Muriel "Murri-Lynette" Peterson, Bella Stenvall, OT3/Lisa Aronowitz, Makayla Peterson, Winston Dynamite Brown, Enya-Kalia Jordan, and Rachel DeForrest Repinz.
MOOD. An Evening of Dance Presented by Bashi Arts at Dancewave in Brooklyn, NY on January 14th, 2023