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If I Could Just Reach Out and Touch It


If I Could Just Reach Out and Touch It is an intimate multi-sensory performance exploring girlhood, grief, and how to make the perfect pot of coffee. Utilizing experimental approaches to audio description and accessibility as creative praxis, the cast invites audiences to be immersed in their world.

Performers/collaborators: Cate Christiansen, Annie Cox, Dalia Engelberg, Peyton Eidle, Leah Moses, Rachel DeForrest Repinz, Tabitha Stewart

Past peformances: Brooklyn Arts Exchange WIP Showing (December 2nd, 2023)

Photo by Nir Arieli

ALL YOU CAN EAT!: Midnight Snack


is an ongoing interdisciplinary process-based project which explores global mealtime traditions and their relationship to community and the individual. This work pulls from several reemerging ideas: mealtimes and eating, gesture, repeated routines, ephemerality, intimacy, and community/relationship building. Together, we explore how mealtime rituals and relationships are essential to the human condition, both as an act of survival and intimate shared experience.

ALL YOU CAN EAT! was originally conceived in 2019 as a choreographic inquiry of interpersonal relationships and their connections to routine. Ultimately, these connections were developed through movement-based investigations of American Sign Language, everyday aesthetics, and the disability aesthetic. This project has taken on many forms including live concert performance and dance film. Midnight Snack is a film iteration of this project.

Performers/collaborators: Peyton Eidle, Gabriella Galvan, Lindsey Garnhart, Lena Josef, Mijkalena Smith, Megan Vo
Director of Photography: Alexandra Mettler
Editor: Cate Christiansen
Music: Christian Bleach
Writer: Nicky B

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NOTHING, TOGETHER is a short dance film about the joys of doing nothing, together. Sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest. 

Performers/collaborators: Mijkalena Smith and Davis Witmer
Director of Photography/Editor: Sean Higgins
Music: Cen and Seth’s Ego Garden

Click here to watch the film.

Please Hold


Please Hold is a reflection on waiting. Feelings of perpetual pause, frustration, and hope drive this choreographic study. This work reflecs on on the oh-so-familiar 21st-century experience of being put ‘on hold’, but also connects this experience with more expansive frustration with the systems in which we exist.

Performers/collaborators: Megan Bridge, Xiaomeng Ma, Tori Sexsmith, Mijkalena Smith, Lindsey Garnhart

Past peformances: Endings at Conwell Dance Theater in Philadelphia, PA (2019); Taylorsville High School in Salt Lake City, UT (2019, performed by the Utah All State Dance Ensemble)

Photo by Brian Mengini